Orange Baked Chicken Fillet.

Summer is a time for fruits. Thoughts about proper nutrition come to mind. You want freshness, juiciness and bright flavors. However, such desires also appear in the cold season. The dish that I want…


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Highly Awakened

"In grief, there is no stage called closure.”

Have you ever wanted to know why someone spoke of such crazy thoughts? Thoughts that most do you not understand, at that time, or brush it off, as simply “they’re confused and talking out of their head.” Anyone ever thought, “Where did those thoughts originate from?”

I realize that not everyone experiences discovery or even meets anyone who is confused. Confused to where others start to notice that these “confused individuals” are not confused after all. They are so highly awake and that they are transferring messages from the future back to us. When we receive the message, we do not understand this. Not till later, when we reflect back on what was said at the time of confusion.

That is when the puzzles fall into place. A bigger picture opens up to our attention. The “confused one” was actually “the one with knowledge”. Also known as being highly awakened.

An awakening is the highest emotional level anyone can reach. These extreme emotional experiences guide individuals to understand their own self physically, mentally, and spiritually, to develop Harmony and all these realms.

They are extremely conscious of all their actions, and this allows them to define themselves. They learn to accept themselves just the way they are.

To others, these people may seem right, wrong, or even weird due to the eight signs that show that they are awakened.

They start questioning everything around them. Which can be nerve-wracking to most because they do not understand what they are experiencing. People should never be mean or rude to these people. It’s really shocking to them enough.

They have become aware of their critical side. This, too, can be devastating to them. Do add to their stress.

They become highly empathic. Feeling everyone’s emotions around them, to the extent of overwhelming them. It can even cause them to become antisocial to steer away from the anxiety.

They start to search for a rationale due to them being highly intuitive. They know things before they happen. They put their faith in the function of the universe instead of their religion, that they actually believe and practice.

They are deep in thought. These thoughts become their best friends. Nobody seems to know how to help them with their thoughts. It’s overwhelming to them.

All these signs experienced, all at once, can cause them to feel like being alone. They gather their thoughts and evaluate them.

"To learn if you love something, study it, take a break, and then you will know the answer.”

"Sometimes the feelings of love are there. It’s just the wrong timing.”

☆Withy Writing☆

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