Arabic portal Baitoka connects lodging owners and travellers

Hosts offering lodgings in the Middle East, travelers and tourists can now connect with each other on a new online platform, The Middle East saw $224 billion spent on tourism and travel…


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Jarda on Cars

A collection of my blog posts about cars and car technology.

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I really lamented and bemoaned the loss of individual freedom over the past several years. I did so very loudly and often I was right. Yet often I was wrong and shortsighted. Today, I reflected. Of…

Rebuild Automatic Transmission Cost

Rebuilding Automatic Transmission Cost can be a costly endeavor, but the final cost can vary widely depending on several factors. These factors include the make and model of the vehicle, the extent…

Cooperation is key to make the fight against fraud successful

The EU Anti-Fraud Office — OLAF — investigates a wide variety of wrongdoings, from embezzlement to customs fraud, and even food fraud. OLAF investigates and detects fraud, but it also carries out…